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SMS group newsletter – Issue 01/2020

In this issue of our customer magazine, we report on how plant owners in the tube and wire industry are relying on the latest trends and developments at SMS group for their production processes.

One example of this is our SMS-Metrics tool. This captures and saves machine and process data during production. The plant operator can then call up a clear overview of the collected data on his smartphone, tablet, or PC. By tracking the production data – in real time and from any location – both the operator and management can improve their plant's efficiency and product quality. This is also the objective of the X-Pact? Quicksetting system. It is the new centerpiece of an advanced automation concept for high-frequency welded tube plants. The system automatically ensures that the rolls are adjusted to their new working position during a size change. This data-based approach speeds up changeover times.

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Our PERFECT spray? coating system is making a significant contribution to protecting tubes and pipes against corrosion. The system, which combines kinetic wire arc spraying with our digital current-voltage source, maximizes the lifespan of the tube coating by counteracting different kinds of wear and corrosion. Our newly developed thread measuring system, ThreadView, determines whether the tube threads produced are capable of withstanding the desired high loads that occur during later use. With ThreadView, the measurements required here can be performed with greater speed and certainty than was previously possible. This means that the quality of the tube threads can be reliably tested and the results documented.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of products, projects, and processes presented in this issue. Special highlights include new plant projects, exciting revamps and upgrades, and entirely new plant solution concepts, such as our high-performance drawing lines or thermomechanical rolling of fine-grained rebar with a lower manganese content. The last issue saw us take off on a trip round the world, in which we present to you SMS group's international locations and services. In this issue, the next leg of our journey takes us to China. Find out about the concepts with which SMS group is represented on the Chinese steel market. Discover a host of other interesting topics in the latest issue of our customer magazine!

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